Student Testimonials

Carl Vondrick and Kitty Ho

Robert Simpson

“As part of the ICS Honors Program, I worked with Nicolas Lopez, one of Professor Andre van der Hoek’s graduate students, on developing the Code Orb. The Code Orb merges information from other tools to provide developers with contextual information about the code they’re working on in an intuitive, visual way. The best part about the program for me has been the opportunities it has provided. I was able to develop my presentation skills, work with graduate students specializing in fields that interest me, attend conferences, and gain valuable practical experience working with real technologies.”

— Robert Simpson, Computer Science, Class of 2011

Reza Ghassemi

“My research is actually more of a creative project. I’m creating a video game, a 2d side-scrolling puzzle platformer using C# and XNA. I want to thank the ICS Honors Program for understanding the value of this unorthodox project for my future career, and giving it the green light even though it does not fall under the usual definition of research. Everyone I’ve interacted with in the program has been helpful and enthusiastic, and overall it’s been a good experience.”

— Reza Ghassemi, Information and Computer Science, Class of 2011

Galina Tucker

“My research experience with the honors program was highly enjoyable. I worked with Professor Lisa Pearl, in Cognitive Sciences, on the creation of a web-based game to gather linguistic data. This was an incredibly fun topic for me, as it merged the skills from my major (ICS) with the interest of my minor (Linguistics). I ended up taking four quarters of honors research, despite only needing two. I get along very well with my advisor, and it’s very beneficial to have such a close relationship to a professor. I learned a great deal about Perl, MySQL and self-motivation for a project. The ICS Honors Program additionally complemented the Campuswide Honors Program requirements (both require research and a thesis). I think that participating in this program has added a lot of depth to my undergraduate career.”

— Galina Tucker, Information and Computer Science, Class of 2011